Accounts Receivable Management

Department Debt Referral

Effective January 1st, 2023, there will be a new department debt referral process. The department debt referral process concerns two types of debt referrals, student debts and non-student debts. Departments will no longer need to track student debt referrals as such referrals become viewable via the collection agency hold in KSIS. All payments received will be posted on the account and applied accordingly. Please audit all debts and post them in KSIS by the new calendar year or allow the Cashier's Office to collect non-student debts separately.

Visit Cashiers' Accounts Receivable Policies and Procedures page and the university's General Accounting Procedures for more details.

Student Debt Management

KSIS is the primary system used for student billing purposes and the site that manages actions associated with past-due debt and hold placements. Student debts are subject to the university’s collections process. Students receive monthly account statements that note when a past-due balance appears on their account. We assess a 1.5% late fee on the student account per billing period and an additional 15% fee once the student is sent to collections. Referral of these debts occurs after billing has run for the month. See our billing cycle and late fees links for more information.

Centralized Student Billing

The goal of this transition is to centralize student billing, ensuring all student debts appear on the student’s billing statement. This change aids departments by moving the full debt collection process under the Division of Financial Services and follows similar policies recently adopted by the Office of the Registrar to address academic holds. Moving forward, any time a student receives a product or service, the accompanying bill or debt will be placed on the student account to ensure it is captured by KSIS, the Cashiers Office, and ultimately the university.

Non-Student Debts

Submit all non-student debts to the cashier's office through the Delinquent Account Data referral form. Our office places debts and other referrals with collections at the end of each month.

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