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Financial Information System (FIS) Access Form

Fill out the FIS Access Form (pdf)

Filling Out the Form:

Heading Data Section

Department Name: Enter KSU department name in which the employee works.

Dept / Org Number: Enter the KSU Department / Organization number (or numbers) employee supports.

Employee Name: Print full employee name, preferably in Last, First, MI order

K-State eID: Enter the approved K-State eID.

Work Phone: Employee’s work phone, including area code if off campus.

Position Title: Employee’s Official Position Title as listed by HCS

New/Change/Additional Access/Delete: Check appropriate block.

  • Check ‘Add’ if employee is a new FIS user.
  • Check ‘Change’ if employee is making a change to existing access.
  • Check ‘Access Termination’ if employee is no longer employed in your department or no longer needs FIS access.

Effective Date: provide the date that the change is to be / was effective.

Faculty/Staff/Student: Mark appropriate block to identify employee status

Employee Signature and Date: Employee must read and then sign and date form where indicated.

User Responsibilities – Access Type

Departmental User Responsibilities: Check (or circle) the block for respective type of access required

Non-Grant Inquiry/Grant Inquiry: Check both if both types of access are required

Central User Responsibilities: For Central staff – simply check this block at this time. A secondary sheet will be included by Central Staff.

Signature Section

Supervisor Name: Immediate supervisor’s printed name, signature, and date signed.  This signature is verifying that the employee requires the access requested.(If Supervisor is also the Department Head, then only the Department Head area is required to be signed.)

Dept Head Name: Printed name, signature and date signed of Department Head or Section / Area Supervisor if Signature Authority has been so delegated.  This signature is further verifying access requirement.

Assistant Vice President of Financial Services Approval: Printed name, signature and date signed of Controller or designee authorized to verify that the required training has been attended. 

Processing Order / Distribution
End-user can complete the form on-line but must then print the document, and attain necessary local signatures, before sending the form to the Division of Financial Services, 102 Anderson Hall.  Forms not properly completed will be returned for correction before FIS access is established.