Designated Access Payment

Granting Designated Access

Students can grant parents, guardians, or others the ability to pay bills, view tax information, and view financial aid. Designee access only applies to financial records and does not include access to academic documents such as grades or class schedules.

Designated Access

Learn how to grant individuals of your choosing access to your student financial records!

Designated Access Online Payment Tutorial

Step 1: Sign in to KSIS with your eID and password.

Step 2: Click on the Designee Center tile.

Designee Center tile

Step 3: From the Designee Center, select View Bill/Make a Payment.

View a Payment KSIS button

Step 4: Choose your desired payment option, Payment Plans or Online Payment. View a tutorial on our Tuition Installment Payment Plan here.

Payment Plan KSIS button


Online Payment button

Step 5: Selecting Online Payment will redirect you to the Transact/Cashnet Payment screen. From the left sidebar menu, click on Make a Payment.

Cashnet Make a Payment button

Step 6: Here, the eBill site asks that you choose what payments you would like to make, this may include your tuition or specific charges within the Direct Payments section.

tuition amount due cashnet menu

Step 7: Direct Payments lists a variety of university charges to which you can direct specific payments. Click the box noting the charge you wish to pay.

Once you choose what you want to pay, a screen will come up and ask you to enter the amount to pay. Click "Add to Shopping Basket" to continue.

full payment option cashnet tiles menu

Step 8: Once you've chosen where you want your payment(s) directed, you may enter the payment amount.

athletic tickets payment field

Step 9: Choose Pay Now if you wish to make no further payments at this time. Select Add more to add additional payments.

item added screen

Step 10: All added direct payments will appear in the payment confirmation screen. Confirm that all desired payments are present.

screen to add more items

Step 11: Click Continue at the bottom of the page to procede to the payment method screen.

payment screen

Step 12: Select which payment method you wish to use and complete your payment. The following options are available:

Credit/Debit Card

card information payment

ACH Payment:

bank info payment

529 Savings Plan:

529 savings plan payment

International Payment via Flywire (Learn more here):

international payments

Fill out the appropriate fields for your payment plan of choice and complete your payment.