Faculty Interested in Women's Studies/Feminism/Gender/Sexuality

Carol Franko (Feminist Criticism)

Tanya González (Gender Studies; Feminist Discourses)

Christina Hauck (Sexuality Studies in Literature)

Don Hedrick

Michele Janette

Katherine Karlin

Mary Kohn (Language and Gender)

Abby Knoblauch

Anne Longmuir (Feminism and Women's Studies)

James Machor

Wendy Matlock

Philip Nel (Gender and Women's Studies)

Bonnie Nelson (Feminism in the 18th Century; Women in Literature)

Ann Reckling (Feminism)

Tosha Sampson-Choma

Tom Sarmiento (Gender Studies; Feminist Theory; Queer Literature and Theory)

Lisa Tatonetti (Gender, Queer Theory)

Karin Westman (Women's Studies, Women and Literature)

Naomi Wood (Women's Studies and Children's Studies)