The Department of Economics is committed to helping our students pay for college through both need-based and merit-based scholarships. Scholarships are available to first-year, transfer and returning students.

Fill our the All-University AND Economics specific scholarships through AcademicWorks by February 1 every year.

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If you have questions about the Economics scholarship process, please email Daniel Kuester.

New Economics Scholarships

The department now has nearly thirty-five undergraduate scholarships to offer, and more are on the way! It is all part of our ambitious goal to provide more financial support for economics majors. In 2011 we had the inaugural meeting of the Department to Economics Advisory Council. The group quickly identified financial support for students as a priority. They set a goal of increasing the number of scholarships offered by the department from four to thirty-five. Obviously, we have nearly reached our goal. However, as we reach our goal we are hoping to reward our students with as generous of awards as possible.

How does a department fund twenty five new scholarships in such a short time? How does it reach its goal of 35? Our plan is simple.

  • Start with a dedicated advisory council with the vision to articulate a goal and the ambition to achieve it.
  • Have excellent students deserving of support. Fortunately, we have these in abundance.
  • Set the scholarship drive in the context of bigger goals. Our scholarship goal is an important piece in an overall plan for moving the department forward. You may have heard (a lot!) about K-State 2025 at the university level. In short, K-State is on the move. Our department will use this momentum to help achieve its own 2025 goals. You can read about these goals here.
  • Have generous donors who believe in the cause. We all know that K-State pride runs deep. Our scholarship team has seen this time and again. A real delight of working on this scholarship drive has been finding out how deeply alumni and friends of the department believe in higher education. They want to keep college accessible as tuition costs rise, reward excellence, and attract students to the field of economics. They want to keep the K-State Department of Economics strong and see it improve.

So we are on our way, but with a big challenge still ahead. Would you like to help? You can contact me at to learn more or contribute at the link on this page. I hope you will check back to this webpage in the future to see our progress. Below you can read about the scholarships awarded last year. Several others will make their debut at our spring banquet.

2021 Scholarships



Dream Big Scholarship (1)

Connor Austin

Todd Haymaker Scholarship

Cole Baker

Joe Tiao Scholarship

Alex Brock*

Fred and Connie Erickson Scholarship (1)

Nick Dustin

Mary Staley Scholarship (1)

Parker Dyro *

Michale &Geraldine Carlisle Scholarship

Rachel Elliott

Krishna Akkina Scholarship

Noah Enders

Haymaker Family Dream big Scholarship

Malik Freese

Dobratz Scholarsip

Peyton Fromme

Craig Haymaker Scholarship

Granzella **

Armstrong Memorial

Jodi Hendon**

Mary Staley Scholarship(2)

Annaleigh Hobbs*

Hicks Scholarship

Grace Hutchinson*

Dream Big Scholarship (2)

Ellie Johnson

David & Sharon Jordening Scholarship (1)

Tristan Korff*

Cantrell Scholarship

Gabe Mitchell

james & Kathryn Haymaker Scholarship

Bryce Niermeier*

Fred & Connie Erickson Scholarship (2)

Michelle Olberding

Fred & Connie Erickson Scholarship (3)

Grace Hutchinson

Randy Sims Scholarship

Sydney Rehagen

Lloyd and Sally Thomas McCullick/Vanier Scholarship

Bradley Richards

Suzanne Roggenkamp

Fred & Connie Erickson Schoalrship (4)

Abby Ruder

Fred & Connie Erickson Scholarship (5)

Josh Russell

Bagley & Cohen Scholarship

Hayden Schmidt*

Fred & Connie Erickson Scholarship (6)

Daniel Siemers

Bradley Haymaker Scholarship

Jessica Smith*

Edward Jones Scholarship

Zach Tetuan*

Department of Economics Scholarship

Mitchell Taylor**

Fred & Connie Erickson (7)

Ben Theoni*

Delehanty Memorial Scholarship

Tyler Thomas

Michael Greenwood Scholarship

Emily Thorton

Douglas & Victoria Hill Scholarship

Jade Tonjes*

Fred & Connie Erickson Scholarship (8)

Levi Van Hoecke*

Fred & Connie Erickson Scholarship (9)

Grant Weishar

Ross Haymaker Scholarship

Nick WIlson

Daivd & Sharon Jordening Scholarship (2)

Noah Younger

* Returning scholarship recipient
**Returning scholarship recipient but new scholarship