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Department of Economics

Graduate Faculty - Labor

The following economics department faculty members participate in the graduate program by teaching graduate courses, writing qualifying and field exams, advising dissertations, and coauthoring papers with graduate students.

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Hugh Cassidy
Assistant Professor

Research areas: Labor economics.

Cassidy's research has examined the impact of job characteristics on promotion receipt, the relationships between hierarchical level and labor market outcomes, the role of promotions as signals of worker ability, and promotions in an environment of multiple worker abilities. Recent papers include "Skills, Tasks, and Occupational Choice", "The Signaling Role of Promotions: New Evidence from European Firms", "The Occupational Attainment of Natives and Immigrants: A Cross-Cohort Analysis", "Task Variation Within Occupations", and "Promotions, Piece Rates, and Occupational Skill Requirements".

Amanda Gaulke
Assistant Professor

Research areas: Public economics and labor economics.

Gaulke teaches a field course in public economics. Her recent research includes “Stopping out of College: The Role of Credit Constraints”, “Does In-State Tuition for Undocumented Immigrants Lead to Crowding out of Native Students in Postsecondary Education?”, and “BA Degree Completion and Enrollment in Less-than-Two-Year Programs”.