M.A. Program

The Masters of Arts program in the Department of Economics at Kansas State University provides an excellent path to a rewarding career or a strong preparation for Ph.D. studies in economics. The program features rewarding courses, a dedicated faculty and considerable flexibility in choosing the path that best meets your needs.

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Highlights of our M.A. program:

Excellent preparation for a rewarding career

Students find jobs with a wide variety of private and public sector employers including:

  • MetLife
  • Casey Research
  • Economic and Policy Resources
  • Bureau of Labor Statistics
  • Edward Jones
  • G.L. Huyett
  • U.S. Department of Agriculture
  • Brattle Group
  • Suruga U.S.A
  • Koch Industries
  • Huron Consulting Group
  • Kansas Legislative Research Department
  • Federal Reserve Bank of Kansas City
  • AVM Ltd
  • Sprint Corporation
  • Kansas Corporation Commission
  • Kansas Department of Administration.

Strong preparation for Ph.D. studies

The program also provides rigorous preparation for continued studies. Students can build the full set of technical skills required for success in economics Ph.D. programs. Some students continue on to the Ph.D. program at Kansas State University. Others use their training to be well prepared and highly competitive for programs at other universities.


Of the 30 credit hours needed for the degree, only nine hours are from required courses:

  • Microeconomics (ECON 720)
  • Macroeconomics (ECON 805)
  • Econometrics (ECON 730)

Students are free to choose additional courses tailored to individual interests and goals to fulfill the additional required hours. Up to nine credit hours can be taken from outside of economics. This allows students to build expertise in a complementary field such as business or statistics.

Three paths to the M.A. degree

Thesis Option

Students wishing to focus on research enroll in the thesis option. In writing a thesis, students earn six credit hours while working closely with a faculty member on an original research project.

Report Option

Students who want to focus more on coursework can instead choose the report option. This option requires a two credit hour research project and allows time for an additional four credit hours of coursework.

Exam Option

Students continuing on in the Ph.D. program often take the exam option which allows uninterrupted progress toward the Ph.D.

Rigorous, rewarding courses

Courses in the M.A. program provide students with the foundation they will need for career success or continued studies. Students build expertise in microeconomics, macroeconomics, and econometrics through a rigorous set of foundational courses. Beyond this, students choose from courses within economics and beyond. Some students choose courses to build a strong general background in economics or expertise in a related field. Others choose courses which expose them to the latest advances in econometrics, economic theory and computation.

A strong research environment

In writing a thesis or report, students work closely with faculty. In this, they are able to develop a project guided by professors working at the frontiers of economic research. Recent publications by our faculty have appeared in Journal of Econometrics, Journal of International Economics, Review of Economic Dynamics, Review of Economic Studies, The Review of Economics and Statistics, and many other top journals. Faculty members serve in editorial roles for journals, referee papers, and present at conferences.

A great place to live

Manhattan is a vibrant, fast-growing city located in the beautiful Flint Hills. It offers a low cost of living, low crime, good restaurants, and plenty of shopping. MHK provides multiple direct flights on a daily basis to Chicago and Dallas, with Kansas City a short drive away if you prefer a larger airport.

Contact the Director

Please do not hesitate to contact me at lanceb@ksu.edu for additional information regarding our graduate programs.

We are looking forward to meeting you.

Lance Bachmeier
Professor of Economics & Director of Graduate Studies