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Department of Economics

Graduate Faculty - International Trade

The following economics department faculty members participate in the graduate program by teaching graduate courses, writing qualifying and field exams, advising dissertations, and coauthoring papers with graduate students.

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Yang-Ming Chang

Research areas: International trade and industrial organization.

Chang teaches a core microeconomics course for the PhD program. His work has appeared in journals such as Journal of Political Economy, Canadian Journal of Economics, Southern Economic Journal, Labour Economics, Journal of Population Economics, and Economics Letters.

Peri da Silva
Associate Professor

Research areas: International trade.

da Silva teaches a field course in international trade. His publications have appeared in Journal of International Economics, Economic Theory, Journal of Development Economics, Canadian Journal of Economics, World Bank Economic Review, and Oxford Economic Papers.

Leilei Shen
Assistant Professor

Research areas: International trade.

Shen's research includes "Global Sourcing and Credit Constraints", "Value-Added Trade and U.S. Local Labor Markets: Does China Really Matter?", "Are Rising College Premiums Capitalized into House Prices in China", "Product Restructuring, Exports, Investment and Growth Dynamics", and "Financial Dependence and Growth: Diminishing Returns to Improvement in Financial Development".