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Diversity and Multicultural Student Affairs

On-campus resources for students, educators, staff and administrators

There are numerous university resources, such as academic advising, student financial assistance, counseling and health services. We encourage you to contact them to receive individual support that meet your needs. 

Resources Available for Students with a Financial Emergency

Occasionally students will encounter unexpected, temporary financial obstacles resulting from an emergency or crisis situation. These situations may obstruct the student's ability to complete course requirements and hinder academic progress.

K-State's Office of Student Financial Assistance invites students, faculty, or staff to alert us of any such financial emergency by completing and submitting our online Financial Intervention Referral Form. It is our goal to provide any and all assistance that is available to us in mitigating unforeseen emergency financial circumstances.

Office of Student Financial Assistance for additional financial support 
Every student at K-State is assigned a personal financial aid adviser.  Link to connect with your financial aid adviser.    
Ally Training/ Awareness training 

Please submit the training request form if your team or unit would like to increase content knowledge regarding federal, state, and institutional policies directly affecting the undocumented college student experience and assist in the development of competencies and skills for working with these students, and serving as allies.  You may request basic training that provides understanding about DACA and student profiles. 

Units that have received general information or training include: 
K-State Counseling Services, New Student Services, and Kansas Polytechnic Student Support Services. Kansas State College Advising Corps and Big Brothers Big Sisters-Kansas City. 

For questions and one-on-one appointments, contact:
Kevin Santos Flores, Director
Multicultural Student Life

Diversity and Multicultural Student Affairs
021 Morris Family Multicultural Student Center
915 Mid-Campus Drive South
Manhattan, KS 66506


Off-campus resources 

 Link to External Scholarships for students


Seal of the United States Department of Education
Department of Education Resource Guide

National Association for College Admission Counseling Logo
National Association for College Admission Counseling (NACAC)
Providing knowledge, networking, and ethical standards for college admissions professionals


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Mexican American Legal Defense and Education Fund (MALDEF)

Click here for a list of publications




UNDOCUSTEM: Summer Research and Professional Development Programs for Undocumented College Students in STEM Fields