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Student Ombudsperson Office

Your student ombudsperson is here to listen to your concerns in a safe setting.

Confidential. Independent. Impartial. Neutral.

Struggling to get something resolved? In a conflict with a fellow student? Can't get on the same page with your professor or advisor? Need clarification on a university policy? We've got you covered.

Your student ombudsperson will listen to your concerns and help you navigate your situation through confidential guidance, resource referrals and more. Look to your ombudsperson to assist you with:

  • Developing conflict resolution techniques.
  • Navigating tough conversations and situations.
  • Understanding university policies, procedures and resources.


Kimathi Choma

Your Student Ombudsperson

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Kimathi I.A. Choma, D.V.M., M.P.H.
Student Ombudsperson
101J Holton Hall





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Did you know?

The Student Ombudsperson Office was established in 2021 as a direct result of students identifying the need and lifting their voices toward the cause.


Are you a faculty or staff member looking for your ombudsperson?

Human Capital Services keeps up-to-date resources for faculty seeking the assistance of a faculty/staff ombudsperson.