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Digital Humanities Center



Some of the following projects have been supported by grants from the National Endowment for the Humanities, the Kansas Humanities Council, and the Institute for Digital Research in the Humanities

Current Faculty Projects


The Curry Illustrations Project

Scholarly Coordinator: Elizabeth Seaton

Contributors: JP Harwick, Abigail Lynn, Ben Ingle, Lacy Mann, Andrew West, Jen Hudson, 

and Sydney Tucker (2018)



WWI poetry postcard


American Poetry of the First World War

Work Study: Rookie Rhymes (2014)

Scholarly Editor: Tim Dayton 

Scholarly Coordinator: Mark Crosby

Contributors: Jessica Reyes (2013), Zian Butler (2014), Taylor Madsen (2014), Brittney Tyler-Milholland (2014), and Steven Miller (2015).


Gordon Parks

Gordon Parks 

Scholarly Coordinators: Katy Karlin and Cameron Leader Picone

Contributors: Lacey Brummer (2014), Elijah Kampsen (2014), Carmen Schober (2014), Stephanie Scott (2014), and Alex Stinson (2014-15)




The Words and the Bees: Insect Zoo Poetry          

Scholarly Coordinator: Traci Brimhall

Contributors: Rylee Bergh and Madison Leierer (2019)



MA Thesis Projects



Undergraduate Projects