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Undergraduate Projects


The following DH projects were created by undergraduate students as part of faculty-assessed assignments.

Engl. 220: Espionage, or How to Play the Great Game

(Fall 2019)


Instructor: Mark Crosby



Sexpionage and Hitchcock

Created by Eden Brockman (Fall 2019)


Hitchcock in Action

Created by Taylor Hinman (Fall 2019)



Alfred Hitchcock: Master of Suspense

Created by Morgan Phillips (Fall 2019)




 39 steps

The Apparel of Spies

Created by Bridget Snow (Fall 2019)


Secret Agent

Loyalty and Motive in Espionage

Created by Elise Trill (Fall 2019)


Bond and Vesper

Relationships in Spy Stories 

Created by Jackson Allen (Fall 2019)



Eng. 625: Romanticism

(Spring 2016)

Instructor: Mark Crosby



man on mountain

The Sublime Experience

Created by Nathan Snell (2016)        



Blake and Buddhism

Created by Mawi Sonna (2016)

 Young Frankenstein

An Analysis on the use of Imagery within Frankenstein

Created by Taryn Oborny (2016)



Engl. 625: How to Cook a Raccoon: The Memory Work of Recipe Collections

(Fall 2018)

Instructor: Steffi Dippold



How to Cook a Raccoon: History of Kansas Recipe Collections 

Created by Brendan Clary, Dene Dryden, Megan Eppler, Joyce Friedel, Kyle Hempel, Michael McCosh, and Noor Mustafa (2018/19)




(Spring 2019)

Instructor: Steffi Dippold



ad astra 

 "Display/ced Natives:" The Ad Astra Figure Representing Kansas   

Created by: Cheyenne White (2018/19)




(Spring 2018)

Instructor: Liz Seaton



JSC Project images

 The Curry Illustrations Project

Created by JP Harwick, Abigail Lynn, Ben Ingle, Lacy Mann, Andrew West, Jen Hudson, and Sydney Tucker (2018)





Engl. 625: Gothic Literature

(Fall 2018)

Instructor: Mark Crosby

discovering Dracula
Discovering Dracula: Material Culture in Bram Stoker's Dracula


Created by Macy Davis (2018)

Dracula music 

Dracula Music

Created by Zach St. Clair (2018)

goblin market

For the Love of Literature: Goblin Market


Created by Jordan Pullman (2018) 





PA Setting

Using Richard Matheson's I Am Legend to Analyze the Meaning of Humanity 

Created by Christina Chappell (2018)


women of Dracula 

The Women of Dracula

Created by Taryn Oborny (2018)




Analyzing Hitchcock's Psycho

Created by Kristin Miller (2018)


 vampire for kids logo

Vampires for Kids

Created by Alison Dollar (2018)





Engl. 625: Gothic Literature

(Summer 2021)

Instructor: Mark Crosby


gothic sub

Subversion of Gothic Gender Roles

Created by Zoey Dutcher



Searching for Christabel's Ending

Created by Jana Hunter



Engl. 625: 18thC British Women Writers

(Fall 2020)

Instructor: Shirley Tung



Mapping Lady Mary Wortley Montagu’s Perception of the Ottoman-Habsburg Wars

Created by Caitlin Radonich




Engl. 695: British Women Novelists: "Prostitutes of the Pen "

(Summer 2019)

Instructor: Shirley Tung



The Female Quixote Choose-Your-Own-Adventure


women novelists
18th-Century British Female Novelists in the High School Classroom


Engl. 670: Eighteenth-Century British Women Writers

(Fall 2017)

Instructor: Shirley Tung


The Butterfly Effect: Women’s Science Education in Eighteenth-Century Literature




Fables for the Patriarchy 


Me too, Mary: A Response to Mary Wollstonecraft’s A Vindication of the Rights of Woman: