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Center for Engagement and Community Development

2019 Engagement Symposium

The Art of Democracy

9:00 a.m. - 7:00 p.m. | Thursday, March 21 | K-State Student Union

CO-SPONSORS: Office of the Provost | Center for Engagement and Community Development | Department of Art | Institute for Civic Discourse and Democracy | Manhattan Arts Center Marianna Kistler Beach Museum of Art | School of Music, Theatre, and DanceStaley School of Leadership Studies | UFM Community Learning Center

Democracy is both word and act. It is seen through our elections and political parties, and visible through political protest and debate. It is also evident in the way our citizens engage in thoughtful conversation and enact cultural performance. 2019 is a critical time to reflect and re-energize these practices as we confront a global landscape that sees trends away from democracy toward authoritarian tendencies. The Office of the Provost, Center for Engagement and Community Development, and the 2019 Engagement Symposium Steering Committee invite campus and community to a day-long symposium exploring the "Art of Democracy." The event invites participants to a rich array of presentations and performances that examine what we observe and aspire to in our democracy.

Two keynote speakers will frame the activities of the day-long symposium. The morning opening address will be delivered by Dr. Lynnette Young Overby, Professor of Theatre and Dance and Deputy Director for the Community Engagement Initiative, University of Delaware. Dr. Overby is a nationally recognized choreographer, educator and advocate for community arts engagement. She is the author of Public Scholarship in Dance: Teaching, Choreography, Research, and Assessment for Community Engagement.

Concluding the symposium will be a lecture by Kevin Willmott, internationally acclaimed film director and Professor of Film and Media Studies at University of Kansas. As Oscar-winning, co-writer with Spike Lee of BlacKkKlansman, he will dedicate his presentation to a discussion of the film's response to resurgent racism in our democracy.

The full day's agenda includes dance and living history performances, participatory discussions, films, and a workshop.

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