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CAT Communities

CAT Communities

One interest, endless connections

Connecting Across Topics (CAT) Communities are set of learning communities specifically designed for first-year students. They are a terrific way for students to make a great start at K-State.

The CAT Communities are designed around student interests, and they offer mentoring from a professor and an advanced undergraduate Learning Assistant who shares the students' interests. They are an ideal place for students to meet each other and to study together.

CAT Community Proposals for 2017

In the fall of 2017, Kansas State University will continue the expansion of the CAT Communities, the university’s living-learning communities program. The goal is to continue offering a variety of CAT Communities designed to serve a diverse range of first-year students. These learning communities allow students with shared interests to enroll in a cluster of classes together and, in the case of the Residential CAT Communities, live together in the same residence hall.

Proposals for residential CAT Communities should be submitted electronically to kstatefirst@ksu.edu by Wednesday, August 24, 2016. Please complete and send the two-page “Residential CAT Community Proposal Form” (available below as Word document or PDF).

Residential CAT Community Expansion: Request for Proposals and Proposal Form (.pdf)

Residential CAT Community Expansion: Request for Proposals and Proposal Form (Word .docx)

Example of a completed Proposal Form (.pdf)

For answers to questions or for more information about proposal preparation and submission, please contact:

Gregory Eiselein

Director, K-State First

008 Leasure Hall


(785) 532-1501


CAT Communities Out and About

This fall, several CAT Communities have done Co-Curricular Events beyond the campus and around Kansas. Check out some of their adventures!

The Art of Hacking Culture and World Maker's took a field trip to Kansas City to combine culture hacks and civil service:


Strengths tackled a social problem by applying leadership & strengths on the Konza Prairie:


Understanding the Weather went on a field trip to the Topeka Weather Forecast Office:

Understanding the Weather

Healtchare for the Heartland took a tour of Riley County EMS:

healthcare for heartland

These are a few great examples. All of our CAT Communities incorporate interesting and interactive co-curricular activities!