CAT Communities

What is a CAT Community?

A group of students are sitting at a table eating donuts togetherA group of 22 students enroll in two regular courses taken together and another one-hour opportunity to discover course connections. Students learn together, are taught by an expert faculty member, and a Learning Assistant (an experienced student who has taken the courses before) helps throughout the semester.

Some CAT Communities are organized around students' general academic interests, which allow students to explore an interdisciplinary area of study while working with an expert professor and undergraduate learning assistant who share those similar interests. Other CAT Communities offer discipline specific topics, and these pre-professional CAT Communities allow students with the same major and/or career interest to take courses in their field of study while working with a professor and undergraduate learning assistant in their same discipline.

If you are interested in enrolling in one of the options, you can fill out our interest survey below, and also talk with your advisor during your Advising Appointment with them to get connected!

CAT Community Interest Survey

Below are some of the CAT Communities we are offering for Fall 2024! We are working on some additional offerings as well, so continue to check back for more updates soon. Click on the titles for more information about each one.