(Including music performance, theory and composition, music theatre, music history and music education.)

Music can be combined with many other interests and professional studies. Besides the traditional careers in music performance and teaching, many other options are available to music graduates. Careful coordination of non-music courses with the requirements of a music degree can lead to entry into the music industry (music publishing, instrument and equipment merchandising, advertising, recording, electronic music, computer graphics, etc.). Graduates in the arts are often sought by companies for training in personnel management. More and more students are using their interest in and love of music to earn music degrees that serve as pre-professional programs for entry into medical, dentistry, law, divinity, or other professional schools.

Related career titles

College/University professor*
Disc jockey
Film music editor
Instrument repair specialist
Instrument sales representative
Music journalist/critic
Music librarian
Music store manager
Music teacher
Music therapist*
Private instrument teacher
Record producer
Recording technician
Studio musician
Voice teacher

*additional academic degree work required for these occupations

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