Mechanical and Nuclear Engineering

Mechanical engineers are often referred to as the general practitioners of the engineering profession. Mechanical engineers work in nearly every area of science and technology: from aerospace and automotive to nuclear and nanotechnology. Mechanical engineering is a core discipline that includes the general areas of design and manufacturing, fluid and solid mechanics, as well as thermal and materials science. Students who pursue the nuclear engineering option have additional opportunities in fields such as nuclear power generation, radioisotope diagnostics, and nuclear materials handling. Mechanical engineers’ skills and expertise are also valued in fields like finance, nuclear medicine, law, education, and other areas that rely on high level analytical, technical, and social skills.

As a mechanical engineer, you might develop a motor scooter or a fighter jet, a vending machine or an aircraft carrier, a bicycle or a life-saving medical device – in other words, just about anything you can think of that involves a mechanical process. You could develop new energy technology, improve the functionality of artificial limbs, or design the next race car. Mechanical engineers work in a wide range of industries including automotive, aerospace, chemical, computer, electronic, industrial machinery, manufacturing, mining, oceanography, petroleum, pharmaceutical, power, printing, publishing, and textile.

Possible Career Paths and Specializations

Mechanical Engineer
Nuclear Engineer
Aerospace Engineer
Automotive Engineer
Materials Engineer
Nanotechnology Engineer
Health Care and Environmental Opportunities
Automotive Engineering Technicians
HVAC & Refrigerator Technician

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