Chemical Engineering

Chemical engineers use mathematics and science, especially chemistry, to design sustainable materials and manufacturing processes that will maximize and enhance our quality of life. They also have extensive roles in petroleum engineering, energy supply, environmental protection, and biotechnology. Chemical engineers also work in specialty areas such as pharmaceuticals, food and beverage processing, and textiles.Their skills and expertise are also valued in fields like finance, medicine, law, education, and other areas that rely on high level analytical, technical, and social skills.

The opportunities to impact the lives of thousands are vast – a chemical engineer could have a career designing softer and more durable clothing, developing a life-saving pharmaceutical, or develop the next source of alternative energy. An important aspect of a chemical engineer’s job involves the proper management, treatment and disposal of any hazardous materials, wastes or byproducts that may result from the chemical manufacturing process.

Possible Career Paths and Specializations

Chemical Engineer
Petroleum Engineer
Environmental Engineer
Materials Engineer
Pre-Med and Health Care Opportunities

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K-State's Chemical Engineering program is accredited under the General Criteria by the Engineering Accreditation Commission of ABET.