Animal Sciences and Industry

The curriculum for a major in animal sciences and industry includes studies in nutrition, genetics, reproduction, behavior, physiology, business and technology, production, management, and agribusiness skills. Beef and dairy cattle, sheep, swine, horses, goats, companion animals, and poultry are involved as part of students’ study. Career opportunities in animal sciences range from self-employment to jobs with large corporations. K-State animal science graduates are employed by artificial insemination services, feed companies, banks, equipment suppliers, meat packers, food processors, feedlots, poultry breeders, equipment manufacturers, equine breeding and training ranches, pet food companies, and pharmaceutical companies.

Related career titles

Animal care technician
Animal nutritionist
Animal researcher
Animal scientist
Animal health pharmaceutical sales
Bank loan officer
Breed association director
Breeding manager
Chief executive officer
Communications director
Equine feed sales representative
Extension agent/educator
Feed lot manager
Insurance agent
Lab technician
Livestock consultant
Market reporters (USDA)
College Professor
Quality control inspector
Range/livestock manager
Sales and marketing manager
Veterinary Assistant/Laboratory Animal Caretaker
Veterinary Technologist/Technician

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