Explore K-State Majors

Ideas to get you started

With more than 250 majors and options to choose from, you may be wondering where to start. Below you will find hints to help you learn more about a potential major.

1. Research K-State majors

Visit the page above for info about all K-State majors.

2. Talk with your advisor

Advisors are an excellent resource when considering a major. They have information on the classes you need to take, so be sure to visit with them when deciding on a major.

3. Search the K-State catalog

The K-State catalog is the book you want to refer to as you are considering a major. You will find information on the classes you will have to take, along with requirements of the program.

4. Visit your prospective department

Getting to know professors in a major you're interested in is incredibly valuable. Most professors are more than willing to talk with you about their classes and research. All you have to do is ask! See the list of academic departments for contact information.

5. Learn what jobs you can get with your major

You may be wondering what kind of job you could get with a major in English, psychology, or political science, for example. Our "What can I do with a major in...?" pages will give you lots of ideas!

  • What can I do with a Major in? - See this page to look at different career possibilities that correspond with specific majors on campus.
  • K-State Employment Reports - See this page to take a look at K-State's reports from recent graduates regarding current employers and salary information.

6. Volunteer

Do you want to find out what a job might really be like? One way to get relevant experience is to volunteer! There are many ways for you to get your feet wet and develop your skills while experiencing what you've learned in the classroom.

7. Network with upperclassmen

Because they have been on campus for several years, upperclassmen know the ropes of college life. They may have helpful insights, especially regarding classes and majors. Don't be afraid to ask them questions!