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Feed Science and Management

A major in feed science and management will give students tremendous job opportunities. This major is only offered at K-State, giving students unique skills that make them very marketable. Students will take courses in agriculture, feed, grain and food science, management, and milling science. Employment opportunities are available in feed plant operations and management, pet food operations and management, corporate management, quality control, research and development, ingredient procurement, sales, processing facility design, and equipment design and manufacturing.

Related career titles

Commodity trader
Grain elevator manager
Feed/milling scientist
Industrial sales manager
Industrial production manager
Maintenance supervisor
New product development researcher
Plant manager
Plant superintendent
Production manager
Purchasing manager
Sales engineer
Quality control supervisor

Resources available at the Career Center*

Career Opportunities in Agriculture, Food, and Natural Resources
Careers in Focus: Agriculture
Opportunities in Farming and Agricultural Careers
Opportunities in Environmental Careers

*Books are available for checkout.

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