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Computer Engineering

Computer Engineering by definition is a discipline that incorporates elements from both electrical engineering and computer science. In a sense, it is a hybrid field of engineering that bridges the gap between hardware and software. Most of the electrical systems used today would be impossible without an embedded computer system designed by a computer engineer. In this field, you can design these crucial embedded systems, the computer’s physical architecture, and even the software systems. In short, you can be the next leader in the very basis of modern technology. From computers to smart phones, gaming consoles to microscopic electronics, the opportunities to be an influential and creative problem solver are endless.

Possible Career Paths and Specializations

Computer Engineer
Embedded Systems Engineer
Computer System Analyst
Bio, Pre-Med, Healthcare, and Environmental Opportunities
Computer and Information Research Scientists

Computer and Information Systems Managers
Computer Network Architects
Computer Programmers
Information Security Analysts
Software Developers

Resources available at the Career Center*

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*Books are available for checkout.

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K-State's Computer Engineering program is accredited under the General Criteria and Computer Science Program Criteria by the Computing Accreditation  Commission of ABET.