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Computer Science (including computer science and software engineering)

Computer scientists are trained to write programming languages and develop the operating systems that are at the heart of modern technology. They are constantly looking to the future and pushing the limits of technology used in the information age. Additionally they address society’s increasing needs for data storage – and the search engines that can access and retrieve data in a matter of seconds. Computer scientists are at the forefront of cyber security – sheltering and monitoring access to confidential information.

With an emphasis is software engineering, you can build large scale and high volume software systems. The software you can design will impact products, services, and industries around the world: tasks from planning Major League Baseball schedules to managing air traffic control patterns; organizations from government agencies to insurance and healthcare companies, and responsibilities from national security to the timely delivering of packages around the world.

Possible Career Paths and Specializations

Computer and Information Science
Software Engineering
Artificial Intelligence
Cyber security
Embedded (Real-Time) Systems
Mobile Robotics
Parallel, Distributed and Operating Systems
Programming Languages
Web Technologies

Resources available at the Career Center*

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*Books are available to checkout

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