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Report Your Job

Cat Commitments, Class of 2018-19

Have you accepted a full-time job offer or made a grad school decision? Post a selfie on social media using the hashtag #CatCommitments, and we'll feature Class of 2019 grads on our Cat Commitments page as well! Each of you will be entered for a chance to win $50 toward your cap, gown or other graduation expenses.

Post-Graduation Survey for New Graduates

Complete this survey to report your post-graduation plans. This information is compiled to detail the job titles, employers, average salary by major, and further education plans of K-State graduates. Information reported is confidential and salaries are compiled as an average for each major.

  • IMPORTANT: Information regarding your K-State eID and email account: Your access to webmail and other online resources changes upon graduation. Find information on how to retain your email address and storage, update your eID password, as well as other important information as you leave K-State. You will need to update/maintain your eID password in order to continue accessing your Career Center and email accounts.