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New Program for Agriculture Careers Will Launch Feb. 1

Beginning on Feb. 1, the K-State Career Center will host a new virtual networking program for students seeking career opportunities in agriculture. “Opportunities on Demand: Agriculture” will be open for student participation until Sunday, Feb. 14.

To participate in the program, students should register for the event in Handshake. Students will then have the opportunity to access short informational videos from participating employers. Participants will learn about available opportunities and gain an understanding of what it is like to work for a company by learning more about an employer’s culture. In addition to viewing videos, students will have the chance to direct message employers through Handshake, then apply for available jobs and internships. To further showcase their skills and experience, students will have the opportunity to introduce themselves to employers by recording video responses to five standardized interview questions through the HireVue platform.  These videos then will be shared with participating employers beginning on Monday, Feb. 15. Participating employers are encouraged to view the introductory videos and may offer follow up interviews to student applicants.

The “Opportunities on Demand: Agriculture” program is a creative way for students and employers to continue to connect this spring in the absence of an on-campus agriculture career fair. Additional information can be found on the program’s web page.

Questions about the event can be sent to Mary Ellen Barkley at mebark@ksu.edu.