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Career Center

Our Mission

The Career Center facilitates the career readiness of all students throughout the K-State community.

Program Goals

As a K-State student or graduate, the Career Center can help you:    

  1. Explore majors and careers
  2. Develop your potential
  3. Tell your story
  4. Connect with employers and opportunities

Student Learning Outcomes for the Career Center

By utilizing the Career Center services and resources, students should be able to:

  • Explore majors and make decisions about career options
  • Create well-written resumes
  • Communicate effectively in interviews
  • Conduct a successful job search
  • Develop skills and experience through internships

A recent assessment plan (PDF) for the Career Center is available for review.

Corporate Partners

Thanks to our Corporate Partners who support K-State students and the Career Center mission.

Privacy Policy and Terms of Use

This policy statement has been developed to let you know about the uses of your personal information, who has access to your data, the information security measures of our online system and our principles of conduct for the use of the Career Center services.

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