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Center for Advocacy, Response and Education

Intimate Partner Violence

Dating violence is controlling, abusive, and aggressive behavior in a romantic relationship. It can happen in straight or gay relationships. It can include verbal, emotional, physical, or sexual abuse, or a combination* (source: National Center for Victims of Crime).

Domestic violence is a pattern of abusive and coercive behavior used to gain dominance, power, and control over an intimate partner. It includes the use of illegal and legal behaviors and tactics that undermine the victim’s sense of self, free will, and safety. Domestic violence is often used, in contrast to dating violence, when the intimate partners are living together or have children in common (source: Kansas Coalition Against Sexual and Domestic Violence).


*Not all experiences of intimate partner violence will fall under K-State's Policy Prohibiting Discrimination, Harassment, Sexual Violence, and Stalking. If you've experienced any of the aforementioned forms of violence, you may access the CARE office for support and services.