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Center for Advocacy, Response and Education

Center for Advocacy, Response and Education
Kansas State University
206 Holton Hall
1101 Mid-Campus Drive N
Manhattan, KS 66506 

8:00 AM-5:00 PM


If you believe that someone is a danger to themselves or others, please use the Student of Concern referral form through the Office of Student Life.

Click here for the referral form.

Resource Guide

Numerous options are available for support and reporting on campus and within the Manhattan community. If an individual is a victim of sexual assault, dating violence, sexual harassment or stalking, some initial questions to consider are: Do I need medical attention? Is my safety threatened? Do I want to make a report of the crime? Do I want confidential support services?

The K-State Center for Advocacy Response and Education, or CARE, offers confidential advocacy and support services to any member of the K-State Community who has experienced sexual assault, dating violence, stalking or sexual harassment. The CARE office is a safe place for survivors to explore their options, receive support from trained advocates and obtain referrals to other resources campus and community resources.