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Center for Advocacy, Response and Education


Clara photo

Clara Valadares Kientz
VOCA Direct Services Advocate

Clara Kientz received her B.S. from Kansas State University and is currently advancing toward a MS in Counseling and Student Development. She has served as a Police Response Advocate for the Manhattan Crisis Center since 2012 where she gained experience addressing immediate safety concerns and supporting victims of domestic violence. She currently serves as the VOCA advocate for the office. 




Jessica Photo

Jessica Haymaker

Jessica Haymaker, LMSW, has worked in this field of domestic and sexual violence prevention and response for 10 years. She received her B.S. from Kansas State University and her MSW in clinical social work from the University of Kansas. She started as a volunteer at her local rural domestic violence and sexual assault program in 2005, eventually transitioning into an advocate position. She worked for the Kansas Coalition against Sexual and Domestic Violence addressing rural sexual assault in a program evaluative and training capacity. She currently serves as the coordinator for the office, providing consult and expertise around trauma-informed, survivor-centered services, the spectrum of sexual violence, the reality of dating and domestic violence, and campus-wide prevention initiatives.