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Division of Biology

What happens to my application after I apply?

Completed applications are reviewed by the Graduate Affairs Committee, which is composed of faculty spanning the research expertise in the Division of Biology. Each application is evaluated using all of the required materials. We have no minimum standard for GRE scores; this standardized test is only one of the parameters used for evaluation of applications. Prior research experience, as indicated in the statement of personal experiences and goals or in letters of recommendation, is an important consideration in our evaluations. Decisions are made in favor of those applicants whose credentials indicate the most promise for becoming successful graduate students.

We will keep you informed during the application and evaluation process. Specifically, we will notify you when your application is complete. We will also inform you of dates for upcoming graduate recruitment events (usually hosted the 3rd Friday in February). If your application is viewed favorably, we may contact you regarding a campus visit. Finally, after an offer is made we will be in contact to answer any additional questions that can help you decide that the KSU Division of Biology is the best place for you to pursue a graduate degree. Incoming graduate students may be admitted to a MS degree program in Biology or a PhD degree program in either Biology or Microbiology. Admissions will be made to specific research programs (i.e., labs) in some cases, or incoming graduate students who are undecided about their exact research plans may spend time during the first semester rotating in up to three laboratories. Ultimately, admissions to the graduate program in the Division of Biology are made on the recommendation of the Director of the Division of Biology to the Dean of the Graduate School.

If you have questions about your application at any point in the process please direct them to Melissa Bruce, and she will direct them to the appropriate faculty member.

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