Graduate Handbook


The Graduate Handbook was developed by the Graduate Faculty through the recommendations and actions of the Graduate Council. The policies and procedures outlined are designed to ensure high standards in graduate education at Kansas State University, while providing for flexibility in policy implementation. The Graduate Council expects each graduate program to build on this foundation to achieve their programmatic vision of excellence.

The Graduate Handbook is published in hardcopy only occasionally. This electronic version is considered the official version of the Graduate Handbook since it is updated regularly after policies are adopted or modified by the Graduate Council. Therefore, the electronic version should be the reference for current policy.

Graduate students should become familiar with the policies and degree requirements in the Graduate Handbook. While flexibility is encouraged, regulations will not be waived or exceptions granted just because someone is unaware of specific policies or procedures.

The Graduate School and Graduate Council invite comments from students and faculty on any portion of the Handbook deemed to warrant attention or modification. This is particularly true if any policy or procedure appears to be at odds with achieving the primary objective of excellence in graduate education at Kansas State University.

Claudia Petrescu
Vice Provost for Graduate Studies &
Dean of the Graduate School