Track and Improve Student Learning

The primary goal of student learning assessment is to improve student learning by exposing whether students have learned. This information is then used to inform pedagogical or curricular changes in response to gaps in student achievement, as well as guide individualized interventions for those students who are struggling with particular skills. In addition, student learning assessment can empower students to take charge of their own learning by identifying particular areas of learning that can be improved. When fully set up and utilized, the assessment tools in Canvas provide the information necessary to effectively monitor and improve student learning.

How can Canvas Help Improve Student Learning? (video)

The Learning Mastery Gradebook

The Learning Mastery Gradebook shows student learning achievement for every student by every Outcome in the course, allowing you to monitor both how the class as a whole and individual students are performing. The Learning Mastery Gradebook can be filtered and exported as a .csv file for easy analysis and reporting.

The Student Learning Mastery Gradebook

The Student Learning Mastery Gradebook allows students to see their own individual report of how they are progressing on each outcome, giving them the ability to focus their studies on the particular areas that need improvement.

Student Outcome Reports

Student Outcome Reports provide information on what scores a student has achieved for every assessment of every outcome in a course. This is useful in that it provides more detailed and in-depth information, includeing: links to the work a student has submitted/completed for each outcome, the total number of attempts for each outcome outcome, and an average outcome score.

Alignments, Artifacts, and Results by Outcome

An Overall Outcome Report allows you to see all the assignments that are aligned with that outcome as well as links to every student artifact associated with the outcome. This is useful in determining if students are struggling with an outcome on a particular assignment.