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American Ethnic Studies

Major Requirements (B.A./B.S.)

All majors are required to complete thirty-three (33) credit hours:

(a) AMETH Core Courses (24 credit hours)

AMETH 160 Introduction to American Ethnic Studies

AMETH 351 African American Perspectives

AMETH 352 American Indian Perspectives

AMETH 353 Latina/o Perspectives

AMETH 354 Asian American Perspectives

AMETH 450 Comparative Ethnic Studies

AMETH 461 Transformative Thought

AMETH 550 Practicing Social Justice 


(b) Electives (9 credit hours)

AMETH 300 Intercultural Competence in Institutions  (as a substitution request)

AMETH 370 Politics of Women of Color

AMETH 501 Recitation Leadership

AMETH 560 Topics in American Ethnic Studies

ANTH 516 Ethnomusicology

ANTH 524 Immigrant America

ANTH 630 North American Indians

ENGL 386 African American Literatures

ENGL 387 American Indian Literatures

ENGL 388 Asian American Literatures

ENGL 389 Latina/o Literatures

GEOG 620 Mexico, Central America and Caribbean

HIST 537 History of Indians of North America

HIST 539 African American History

HIST 598 Topics in Non-Western History

MC 531 Communication, Diversity and Social Change

MUSIC 420 History of Jazz

MUSIC 424 Jazz in Kansas City and the Southwest

PHILO 380 Philosophy and Race

POLSC 643 Global Human Rights

SOCIO 541 Wealth, Power and Privilege

SOCIO 570 Race and Ethnic Relations

SOCWK 510 Social Welfare as a Social Institution

WOMST 405 Resistance and Movements for Social Change


Course requirements can be found at: K-State Guide to Majors and Programs