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American Ethnic Studies

How can Majoring in American Ethnic Studies benefit you?

American Ethnic Studies equips students with marketable skills and knowledge that translate into successfully living and working in a diverse world. Knowledge acquired through the major plays an important role in building a truly inclusive multicultural democracy. This is why employers from many lines of works favor American Ethnic Studies graduates.  We offer both research skills and practical skills training through our internships and service learning opportunities.

As an AMETH major you will possess the following skills to be used in many different career paths:
  • The ability to work effectively with increasingly diverse populations
  • The capacity to analyze racial impacts of law, politics, culture, and public policy
  • Strong written and oral communication skills
  • Critical thinking and analysis skills
  • Knowledge about diverse human behavior and communities
  • Awareness of social justice struggles
  • The development of cultural competency, central to living in and understanding the surrounding world

How can Minoring in American Ethnic Studies benefit you?

Education Majors: You can learn how to guide your students on a cultural and emotional journey into American history from a lofty vantage point filled with "real" facts, different perspectives, and an appreciation for American’s diverse ethnic groups.

Social Work Majors: You can enhance your sensitivity to diverse groups and their backgrounds, enabling you to better understand the socioeconomic dynamics which have impacted their pasts and which will likely affect their futures.

Business Majors: You can better understand the important demographic trends of American Ethnic groups as they relate to the business and marketing arena.

Political Science Majors: You can be exposed to information vital to solving many of the social, economic and international problems facing a contemporary era.

Pre-law Majors: You can gain expertise in how the law impacts communities of color, including immigration and the criminal justice system, which, according to the Law School Admissions Council, "is essential to the study of law," giving you an advantage in the law school application process. 

Pre-med and Vet Majors: You can attain insight that will be critical to your works in cross-cultural settings in medical and veterinary professions.

Journalism Majors: You can learn how to work more effectively with groups comprised of different ethnicities and perspectives.

History Majors: You can acquire an understanding of the contributions of ethnic and racial groups to the US and world civilizations.

Psychology Majors: You can gain a greater awareness of the intellectual and emotional flexibility necessary for living and functioning in a culturally diverse society and world.

Leadership Majors: You can become a better leader, growing personally and professionally, from a greater understanding and appreciation of diversity.