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American Ethnic Studies

FIRE, Feminists Igniting Resistance and Empowerment

FIRE is a feminist of color organization aimed at igniting communities toward progressive social change, while also creating a space for and centering the feminist voices of those who have been historically erased, marginalized, or made invisible within mainstream feminist and anti-violence movements. FIRE recognizes that any claims to feminism that do not use an intersectional analysis of power will be complicit in the oppression of others. We therefore center Women of Color and Queer of Color voices and analyses in our feminist practice and engagement. We privilege knowledge that has been gained through struggle and experience, and acknowledge that many individuals inhabit multiple identities. FIRE seeks to employ consciousness-raising, political education, and activism in order to confront the injustices that affect not only the local communities of Manhattan and the Kansas State campus, but also those who live beyond our local borders.

We are a diverse group and welcome everyone interested in upholding our mission. Please feel free to contact us or join us at a meeting!  Check out our website for more information and to learn about our upcoming meetings and events.


President -  Marley Lowe (marley3@ksu.edu) &

                    Aurora Adams (aurora3@ksu.edu)


Vice President - Amelia Scott-Sanjur (arscotts@ksu.edu) &

                           Sam Harper (smharper@ksu.edu)


Webweaver - Maima Lewis (maima@ksu.edu)