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American Ethnic Studies

Dr. Norma A. Valenzuela

My research and teaching areas are Chican@ and Latin@ Studies—culture, literature, and film. I specialize in Spanish language instruction, gender, class and race/ethnicity studies within a transnational context. My book, Lourdes Portillo: Luchas feministas barriales y transnacionales: Después del terremoto, Las madres y Señorita extraviadaexamines decolonizing acts in Chicana filmmaker Lourdes Portillo’s film politics. My lived experiences inform my teaching, research, and mentoring. I utilze an interdisciplinary approach, which critically bridges and analyzes the past and present. I encourage students to be internationally and globally-minded in their perspectives. I have seen the positive developmental effect this has on students who have not been exposed to a variety of cultures. These students begin to understand the connectedness of human populations and human life from their own family or community perspective. 

La familia is very important to me. I am the oldest of five sisters and very lucky to have my parents alive. In the past year I've also made familia here in AMETH. I am surrounded by strong women of color that are my mentors, colleagues, and friends. In the past year I've also made connections with students, they've touched my life and as always, a constant reminder of the reason I am in higher education.

Additional Publications:

Valenzuela, Norma A. "Lourdes Portillo's Development of a Chicana Feminist Film Aesthetic: After the Earthquake, Las Madres, and Senorita Extraviada." Chican@: Critical Perspectives and Praxis at the Turn of the 21st Century. Ed. Ed A. Muñoz. Berkeley, CA: Inkworks Press, 2006. 34-43. 


AMETH 160 Introduction to American Ethnic Studies

AMETH 353 Latin@ Perspectives: Chican@/Latin@ Filmmaking

AMETH 453 Latin@ Perspectives: Immigrants as Refugees

AMETH 560 Education Across Cultures

AMETH 560 Immigration in Film and Media: The Faces of the Immigration Debates

Norma Valenzuela Faculty American Ethnic Studies        

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Phone: (785) 532-6259

Office: Leasure Hall, Room 114C

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