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American Ethnic Studies


Members of the KSU faculty who meet the criteria established by the AMETH Program may receive the additional designation of "American Ethnic Studies Faculty." Although this designation carries no budgetary implications, it may be added to the faculty member's title and signals membership in the faculty of the interdisciplinary program.

Designation as "American Ethnic Studies Faculty" is based on the individual's background in the field of American ethnic studies, using the same definitions of criteria outlined in the Faculty Handbook sections on promotion and tenure: research and publication (or other scholarly or creative endeavor appropriate to the field); teaching; and service. For appointment to the AMETH faculty, the following minimum standards will be necessary:

  • Published original scholarship or creative work concerning an American ethnic group or an aspect of American ethnicity accepted by a refereed journal or some other body of peers. The candidate should be sole or senior author.
  • Documented expertise which would qualify the appointee to teach a course which could be part of the AMETH curriculum. Such documentation may include appropriate graduate work by the applicant, published original scholarship or creative work in the field of American Ethnic Studies, or experience as the sole or senior instructor of a course that is acceptable as an AMETH course.
  • Demonstrated familiarity with and participation in, the field of American Ethnic Studies by such means as colloquia, courses, seminars, conferences, meeting of professional associations, or equivalent continuing contact with the literature and scholars of American Ethnic Studies.
  • Service activities that support the KSU AMETH Program or local, regional, or national service activities concerned with an American ethnic group or ethnicity in America.

American Ethnic Studies faculty are normally members of academic departments at Kansas State University. Faculty are expected to apply for re-certification every five years by submitting evidence of recent and current activity, including curriculum development and/or relevant original scholarship or creative work published within the past five years.

Deans, department heads, and university faculty are expected by the Provost to acknowledge achievement and contributions to American Ethnic Studies as positive and constructive contributions to the university as a whole and to take them into account when making recommendations and decisions about merit salary increases, promotion, and tenure.

The Provost named the first American Ethnic Studies Faculty in the spring of 1987.