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American Ethnic Studies

Mission Statement

American Ethnic Studies emerged as a community-based demand from civil rights movements. We serve and focus on communities of color historically erased, socially dismissed, and institutionally underrepresented. Our objectives include (a) teaching university students to think critically about the multifaceted realities and identities of Americas’ diverse ethnicities; (b) promoting social justice ideals and practices of inclusivity; (c) fostering community-based engaged research and praxis responsive to the needs and realities of underserved constituencies; (d) attracting accomplished ethnic studies faculty, undergraduate, graduate students, and retaining them by providing a supportive environment; and (e) foreground the needs, concerns, and knowledges of historically underrepresented peoples of color in Kansas. We believe our focus on peoples of color will in time uplift all peoples. The particulars of our mission align with the thematic goals of K-State 2025.