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What to do when

Some tasks and dates to know! 


Apply for admission and scholarships as soon as possible. Applications for admission are accepted up to 15 months before the first class day each semester. More time as an admitted student offers you more time to plan a successful transition. A late enrollment fee of $50 may be charged to a student account if admission and enrollment activities are not completed prior to the first day of classes. 

November 1
Scholarships: Incoming students apply for scholarships
  • Nov. 1 is the priority deadline incoming freshmen and for transfer students who plan to enroll in the spring semester.
  • For transfer students who will enroll in summer or fall, the deadline is Feb. 1.

Some scholarships have unique application deadlines.


You can apply for housing any time after being admitted. Applying for housing is a two-step process.

  • The residence hall application (step 1) becomes available in September.
  • The residence hall contract (step 2) becomes available in November.

While there are no specific deadlines, contract completion (a first-come, first-served basis) will determine room availability. Please begin the process by completing the residence hall application as soon as you decide you want to live on campus. 

December 1
Financial aid

Dec. 1 is the priority deadline to apply for federal student aid. Find out if you qualify for grants, loans and work-study programs with the Free Application for Federal Student Aid, or FAFSA. K-State's federal code for the FAFSA is 001928.

February 1
Scholarships: Transfer students apply for scholarships

Feb. 1 is the priority deadline for students transferring to K-State from another college. It is also the deadline for college and departmental scholarship consideration. Some scholarships have unique application deadlines.

Programs with application deadlines

Feb. 1 is the application deadline for the College of Architecture, Planning and Design; priority deadline for the wildlife and outdoor enterprise management program in the College of Agriculture; and priority application deadline for the interior design and athletic training education programs in the College of Human Ecology.

March 5
Orientation and Enrollment

Admitted students attending K-State in the fall should register for orientation and enrollment. Registration opens March 5.

  • Transfer students may choose from dates in April, June or August.
  • New freshman students may attend in June or August. New freshmen may also sign up for Wildcat Warm-up, a three-day stay on campus.

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