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Administrative Support Center
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Time and Leave


Leave Requests
  • Electronic time and leave requests will be submitted by department employees for all leave both USS and Unclassified. Leave requests should be sent to your supervisor and your ASC Department Level Contact as timekeeper. For USS, leave requests will be verified against your timesheet. The ASC timekeeper email for all ASC representatives is aschr@k-state.edu with your timekeeper's name on the leave request. Please follow the links below to access the leave request forms.
Time sheets for leave entry
  • When you enter the hours that you have worked on your time sheet, you will need to add an additional line that states the appropriate code for your absence and then total the hours on the far right hand side.  Make sure that your total hours for the time period equal the total amount of hours in a pay period. 

Time sheet Submission

Time sheets should be submitted with employee and supervisor signature electronically to ASC contact by 9:00am Friday. The copy with original signatures needs to be maintained, so that can be sent through campus mail after the scan has been done. ASC will have all time and leave entry completed by Monday at 5:00pm and will verify time sheets with the leave requests.

For USS employees, the time sheet is the official record of all leave and any leave requests will be shredded 30 days after the pay period in which the leave was taken. For Unclassified employees, leave requests are the official record and will be maintained electronically for 5 years.

FMLA/Extended Absence

If anyone in your unit/department is going to be going out for a medical issue, either for themselves or a family member, please notify your ASC representative so that FMLA can be offered.

If an employee is out for more than 6 days, your ASC representative will reach out to the supervisor to verify that FMLA is not needed.