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Voices from the Field

Advice from K-State Grads

Have you ever wondered what the job search process looks like once you're out of college? Or maybe you're interested in seeing what kinds of jobs are really out there for K-State graduates in your program?

These career biographies are the real stories of K-State graduates who have used their education and experiences to obtain jobs in the real world. Each story is different, reflecting the various career paths and possibilities open to graduates from a variety of colleges and departments. These are the true stories of K-State alumni who have secured a place in the World of Work. These are our Voices from the Field.

College of Agriculture

Agribusiness: Corey Fortin
Agricultural Communications and Journalism: Melissa Leander, Lucas Shiver
Agricultural Education: Sandy Klein
Agricultural Technology Management: Alan VanNahmen, Johnathan Propheter
Agronomy: Allie Marks
Animal Science: Corey Fortin, Melissa Leander
Food Science: Mary Winger,Gordon Harton
Horticulture: Christian Ahlmann
Horticulture (Golf Course Management): Robert Tibbetts
Milling Science and Management: Mary Gleason
Park Management and Conservation: Mitch Gerstenkorn
Wildlife and Outdoor Enterprise Management: Peg Shaw-McBee

College of Architecture, Planning, and Design

Architecture: Mark Alan Andre
Interior Architecture and Product Design: Adam Stover
Landscape Architecture: Lisa Treese
Regional and Community Planning: Ian Bautista

College of Arts and Sciences
American Ethnic Studies: Caroline Jones
Anthropology: Matthew Padilla, Adam Bohannon, Jennifer Macy, Caroline Jones
Biology: Lisa Metzen, Matthew Daniel
Biology (Fisheries, Wildlife, and Conservation): Laura Mendenhall, Jason GoecklerAndrew Friesen
Communication Studies: Jordan Sterling, Amanda Cebula
Economics: Rodney Wilson, Andy Brownback, Kevin McBeth
English - Creative Writing: Andrew Blackburn, Jim Hohenbary
Geography: Katie Franke
Geology: Drew Evans, Mike McIntire, Jarred Leis, Albert Oko, Elizabeth Oko 
History: Jennifer Macy 
Life Science: Marissa Dorau
Mass Communications - Advertising: Anastasia Watson
Mathematics: Andy Brownback, Kevin McBeth, Eric Mann
Music: David Littrell, Randall Frye
Music Education: Cally Bitterlin, Emily Grusenmeyer, Mike Bistline
Physics: Justin Raybern
Political Science: Sarah Preston
Pre-Dentistry: Lisa Metzen
Pre-Medicine: Ashley Mathews AskewLeigh Eck 
Pre-Nursing: Mollie Jolliff
Pre-Occupational Therapy: Sarah Calwell
Pre-Optometry: Whitney Pollock
Pre-Physician Assistant: Marissa Dorau
Psychology: Kathryn Brown, Adam BohannonWhitney Pollock
Social Work: Dwayna McFerren
Sociology: Gus Vazquez-Milan, Summer Lewis
Spanish: Elizabeth Greig, Marissa Dorau, Summer Lewis
Statistics: Eric Mann, Kevin McBeth
Theater: Kareen King
Theater (Dance): Jordan Roberts
Women's Studies: Summer Lewis 
College of Business Administration

Accounting: Erika Wheeler, Eric Kientz, Nick Moeder
Entrepreneurship: Christopher Fox, Abbey Brown
Finance: Nick Moeder, Austin Thayer
Human Resources Management : Megan Brooker, Abbey Brown
Management: Brent Moroney
Management Information Systems: Brian Leiker
Management (Operations and Supply Chain Management): Levi Starkey
Marketing: Amy Greenstein, Katie Wessel

College of Education

Elementary Education: Ashley Stoll, Lucas Shiver
Secondary Education - Social Studies: Rachel Sowers
Secondary Education - Physics: Justin Raybern 

College of Engineering

Architectural Engineering: Brad Ezell,
Biological and Agricultural Engineering: Casee EiseleLindsey Ott
Chemical Engineering: Kabila Gana
Civil Engineering: Vicki Scharnhorst
Computer Science: Ryan Summerskill
Industrial Engineering: Johna Baldassaro, Anita Ranhotra
Mechanical Engineering: Ben Connell, Ben Morrill

College of Human Ecology

Apparel Design and Production: Andrea Albright
Apparel and Textiles Marketing: Andrea Albright
Athletic Training: Morgan Nichols,Adam Ybarra,Adam Koch
Early Childhood Education: Lindsey Claassen
Family Studies and Human Services: Kelly Walker,Sarah Caldwell
Hospitality Management: Robert Tibbetts,Jessica Buettgenbach
Kinesiology: Amy Burton
Interior Design
Nutritional Sciences: Ashley Mathews Askew, Elizabeth Greig, Leigh Eck 
Personal Financial Planning: Jamie Bosse

College of Technology and Aviation

Aviation Maintenance Management: Nicholas Dopfel
Professional Pilot, Applied Business: Dustin Osburn
Electronic and Computer Engineering Technology: Nathan Maresch

College of Veterinary Medicine

Veterinary Medicine: Dr. Sarah Christansen, DVM

Student talking to representative at Engineering Career Fair