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Academic and Career Information Center

Majors, Minors and More

Looking for a major? Minor? Secondary major?

Attend Majors, Minors and More!

A one-day event for anyone interested in learning more about K-State academic majors, minors, and secondary majors.


Wednesday, October 14, 2015 from 11 a.m. to 3 p.m.


Grand Ballroom, 2nd floor of the K-State Student Union.

Remember to bring
  • K-State student ID (but if you forget your ID, you can still attend!)
  • Questions about K-State majors
Prepare for the Fair

Plan ahead to make the most of your day at the fair!

Get the most from the event

Ask good questions
  • What are the required courses for this major, minor, secondary major?
  • What are the classes like?
  • What electives are available?
  • Do you require a minimum GPA to get into the major?
  • Are there departmental/professional affiliations I should join once I choose a program?
  • What jobs do K-State graduates obtain with this degree?
  • Will a bachelor's degree in this major prepare me for a job in this field, or will I more than likely need to pursue graduate work?
  • What are some advantages of having a dual major, minor, or secondary major?
Sign up to win door prizes!
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Follow up after the fair
  • Continue to learn more about the majors, minors, and secondary majors by making an appointment to talk to an academic advisor.
  • Contact the Academic and Career Information Center to learn more about how your interests, abilities, and values connect to your decision about a major or career.
  • Contact Career and Employment Services to learn more about how part-time jobs, internships, and experiential learning opportunities can help you solidify your long term career goals.
  • Attend K-State Open House where academic programs are showcased to the Kansas community.

Majors, Minors & More Committee

Tami Duch, College of Arts and Sciences
Andrea Feldkamp, College of Human Ecology
Brooks Hetle, Housing and Dining Services 
Cherie Hodgson, College of Agriculture
Julie Hunt, College of Arts and Sciences
Blair Kocher, College of Business Administration
Jared Meitler, Academic and Career Information Center Coordinator
Olivia Miller, Academic and Career Information Center 
Lindsey Morford, College of Education
Savannah Nulton, College of Arts and Sciences
Angelia Perry, College of Arts and Sciences
Madaí Rivera, College of Human Ecology
Danna Voegeli, College of Architecture, Planning, and Design

Majors Fair

What students are saying

"The Academic Majors Fair was incredibly helpful. Being able to talk to such a wide variety of faculty there was extremely beneficial for me to really find what I wanted to major in. If you are even remotely unsure about your major you should go!  It led to me getting a job in a fungal genetics lab and a new minor. Overall a great event."

-Brandon Pfannenstiel
Junior, Microbiology
Applied Genomics & Biotechnology Minor

Majors fair crowd

Students at Kineseology booth at Majors Fair

Student visiting college of business booth at majors fair