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Getting to know your interests, abilities, and values is the first step in deciding on a major or career path. Taking a career assessment is one way to begin the exploring process. ACIC offers two free career assessments:

ACIC career assessments

Focus 2
  • FOCUS 2 is an on-line, interactive education and career planning system that combines self assessment, major and career exploration, and decision making into one comprehensive program. FOCUS 2 will help you clarify your skills, interests, and professional goals so you will be better equipped to identify potential majors and minors, to create an academic plan, and to map out a basic career path.
  • Focus 2 Career Planning WorkbookBe proactive with your career planning! This workbook is a helpful tool to use with your Focus 2 results in the career decision making process. In order for you to know what steps to take now and have goals for the future, it is important to create an action plan.
  • Stop by ACIC in 14 Holton Hall to meet with a career specialist and start exploring!
Self-Directed Search (SDS)
  • Whether you are looking for a college major, beginning a job search, or thinking about a career change, the SDS will provide valuable career information. This assessment helps tie your personal work preferences to corresponding work environments.
  • Stop by 14 Holton Hall to meet with a career specialist and take the free Self-Directed Search, or take it online now. Please note -- when you take the assessment online, you will be allowed to answer questions, but a fee will be required to obtain your results.
Connecting K-State majors to the World-of-Work Map (PDF)
  • See a list of K-State majors organized according to career areas on the World-of-Work map. So whether you're looking to apply your assessment results to K-State programs, or just trying to get an idea about majors that can help you pursue a job in a certain career field, this will be a helpful resource for you.

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Career Assessments