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There are two registration processes based on the area of accommodation(s) needed:

  • Academic
  • Housing (scroll down)

Please complete one or both of the applications below.  Be sure to check your K-State email for responses to your application.

Registration Process for Academic Accommodations

  1. Complete the application for academic accommodations and services.
  2. Provide appropriate documentation of a permanent or temporary disability. Students are able to upload documentation during the application process. Documentation may also be emailed to accesscenter@ksu.edu or faxed to 785-532-6457.
  3. An intake appointment with an access advisor will be scheduled. Access advisors work collaboratively with students, faculty, and other departmental staff to coordinate reasonable accommodations on an individual basis.
  4. Once a student is registered with the office and accommodations finalized, the student will request letters through Student AIM Portal.

Registration Process for University Housing Accommodations

Living on campus is an important part of the college student experience. K-State’s Housing and Dining Services offers a wide range of housing options and is committed to meeting the needs of all students. If a student is seeking accommodations in the residence halls or Jardine apartments, please review the University Housing Reasonable Accommodations Policy (PDF).  Students requesting an emotional support animal should also be familiar with the Assistance Animal Policy and Agreement (PDF).   

Students should do the following:

  1. Complete the application for housing accommodations.   
  2. Submit University Housing Reasonable Accommodation Verification Form (PDF)*

*NOTE: If the only request is to have a service animal live in University Housing, the student is not required to provide disability documentation to the SAC.  Someone will contact you for a meeting.

Students with disability-related dietary needs should complete the documents above.  In addition, nutrition and allergy information can be found on the Housing and Dining Services website. 

Housing accommodations are determined on a case-by-case basis. Once your request has been reviewed, an access advisor will contact you concerning your status. You are strongly encouraged to make your housing request prior to July 15 in order for staff to ensure there is space for granted accommodations. While later requests for accommodations may be submitted, it is less likely that the university will have the capacity to grant them without undue hardship.