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Student Access Center

About Holton Hall

Holton Hall Building

Student Access Center is housed in 202 Holton Hall.

(See Campus Map) 

Building Access and Services
Accessible ParkingParking is available immediately to the south of the building. Individuals wishing to park here must have a valid State disabled parking permit, as well as a valid K-State permit or temporary pass.  Individuals with a state disabled parking permit may park at open meters free of charge.
Accessible entranceA ramp entrance with automatic door is available on the east side of the building, with ramp access to the north parking area. This door leads to the basement.
ElevatorThe elevator is located toward the center of the building. From the accessible entrance, turn right at the end of the hallway.
BathroomsAccessible bathrooms are located on the 1st or main floor, next to the elevator.
Water fountainsWater fountains are available on all three floors, near the elevator.