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Student Access Center

What We Do

Student Access Center reports to the Morrison Family Associate Vice President for Student Well-being within the Division of Student Life at Kansas State University. We serve the campus community by partnering with students, faculty, and staff to create accessible environments and provide academic and housing accommodations. We welcome the opportunity for you to get to know us better by exploring our website or by contacting us directly.  

Mission Statement

Student Access Center is dedicated to the ideals of equal access to campus programs and services for all students. We believe that these ideals contribute to a supportive and inclusive learning environment, which allows students the opportunity to learn. We recognize that disability is an integral facet of the human experience. As such, we collaborate with students, instructors, staff, and community members to foster a universal-design approach to learning.

Diversity Statement

Student Access Center values the intersectional nature of identity and disability. SAC supports an environment that respects equitable representation of all identities and appreciates an individual's unique experience. We commit ourselves to providing a safe and welcoming experience.


Student Access Center seeks to establish a universal-design approach to campus programs, services, and environments useful to all people, to the greatest extent possible, without the need for modification.

Core Values

Advocacy | Collaboration | Diversity | Equity | Excellence | Respect