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Note-taking Services

Note-taking Services is an accommodation that assists students in obtaining notes from classroom lectures that are unable to acquire the notes themselves.  It is important that faculty members assist the student with obtaining notes for their course. Options may include providing the student with PowerPoint slides, personal notes or arranging for a volunteer note taker.

  • If locating a volunteer is necessary, the following statement can be announced in class or via email. If you take good notes and would like to provide notes to a person in class, please consider being a volunteer note taker. Students interested in serving as a note taker in this class should contact me.”
  • IMPORTANT: Students confidentiality needs to be respected. When making an announcement to the class, faculty members should not provide the class with information about the student requesting the service.
  • Provide the student requesting the service, the volunteer note taker's name and email address.
  • The student requesting a note taker understands that receiving these notes does not take the place of attending class.
  • Please let the volunteer note-taker know that our office can provide them with a letter for community service hours.

The student is responsible for discussing with each faculty member the best option for obtaining notes in their course.