The Pathway to Your Health Career

Pre-Health Programs at K-State

Whether you are interested in a career in human or animal health, K-State is a great place to start the journey toward becoming a healthcare professional.

K-State's pre-health students get started on the right path toward a health career by choosing an academic major from more than 250 academic majors/options and then adding one of the following health professions pathways.

Additional programs and pathways

In addition to the pre-health pathways above, K-State offers additional healthcare program options.

Benefits of pre-health professions at K-State

Accessible, personalized health career advising

As a student who has declared a pre-health designation, you will receive two different kinds of advising:

  • Your academic major advisor will help you plan the sequencing of courses required to meet your degree requirements for your academic major.
  • Your health professions advisor will help you establish long-term academic plans that combine the prerequisites for application to professional schools with the requirements of the major you choose. Health professions advisors also help you navigate the professional school application process to ensure your application is as competitive as possible.

While most students will have two individual advisors serving in these unique roles, pre-veterinary medicine students in the College of Agriculture will have one advisor who serves both as your academic major advisor and your health professions advisor.

Experiential learning and undergraduate research opportunities

In addition to your coursework, K-State offers undergraduates the opportunity to get out from behind a desk to work in research laboratories or units.

  • Undergraduate research opportunities offer real world, hands-on experiences and create pathways to connect directly with K-State researchers who are doing groundbreaking, scientific work.
  • Research allows you to study topics of interest in greater depth and sharpen your analytical skills.
  • These experiences will enable you to develop solid, long-standing relationships with research faculty.

The Office of Undergraduate Research and Creative Inquiry is a centralized resource to learn more about undergraduate research opportunities at K-State.

Connections to highly regarded campus and community health initiatives

The university is centrally located within a community that supports learning beyond the classroom.

Health professions involvement opportunities

There are various ways to explore your future healthcare profession while at K-State, including:

Regardless of what path you choose, you'll have the opportunity to stay connected and build strong networks.

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