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Education Abroad

Exchange Student Fee Information

Tuition & Fees

Exchange students are not required to pay for tuition and fees for up to 15 credits of regular course enrollment. **Australian students can take up to 12 credits of regular course enrollment. 

Exchange students may need to pay additional fees if:

  • enrolled in more than half-time English Language Program (ELP) courses
  • enrolled in courses which have additional fees that are not paid by the OIP
    • on-line
    • University For Man (UFM) Community Learning Center
    • Division of Continuing Education (DCE)
    • Graduate level classes

Room and Board

Most exchange students are required to pay for their own room (accommodation) and board (meals).  However, in some cases, our university has an agreement which does not require students to pay for room and board. Students who are not required to pay for room and board should select from one of the following housing options:

1. Traditional double room in the Residence Halls and  Any 14 Meal Plan

2. Two or three bedroom apartment in the Hybrid Apartments with the Jardine 150 Meal Plan

Residence Hall Application Fee

Students who do not have room and board included in their exchange must pay the application fee.

Students who have room and board included in their exchange do not have to pay the application fee.

Health Insurance

All exchange students will automatically be billed for the mandatory U.S. health insurance on their K-State Student Billing Account through the student information system (KSIS).  Students can request a waiver if their health insurance meets our minimum requirements

Summary of expenses

Required expenses not included in the exchange:

  • International Student Health Insurance
  • If housing & meals are not included in your exchange: cost varies
  • Books and other supplies 

Other expenses that may be incurred:

  • Housing during orientation and any time before housing contract begins or after after exams are complete (Saturday before classes start-Saturday after final exams end): $45 per night 
  • Housing if a student plans to stay on campus over university breaks. Costs can be found here: http://housing.k-state.edu/living-options/reshalls/rates-meal-plans/index.html
  • Classes above the 15 credit maximum covered by the exchange agreement: $312.50 per credit hour plus any special course fees
  • Transcript: free if ordered before departure from the university (there is a fee if it is ordered after the student has left the University)

Estimated Costs at K-State (2021-2022)*

Housing Application Fee$30.00
Traditional Double Room in the Residence Halls$2,600.00
Any 14 Meal Plan $2,140.00
Additional Costs 
Visa (Application and SEVIS Fee)$510.00
Books and Supplies$550.00
Miscellaneous/Living Expenses$2,000.00
International Student Health Insurance$1,025.50
Academic Year$17,171.00