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Education Abroad

Enroll in Courses

Course Enrollment - Academic Classes

Exchange students will attend virtual orientation and enrollment. The cost of orientation will be covered by the exchange and the exchange student coordinator will complete your registration. Prior to attending orientation and enrollment, you will be asked to complete a questionnaire in your Exchange Student Profile with the classes you would like to take at K-State. The exchange student coordinator will send your course preferences along with a copy of your transcript to your academic advisor who will help you enroll in classes. 

Course Enrollment - English Language Program

Students who will take classes in the English Language Program their first semester at K-State will work with the English Language Program to enroll in their classes. On the course enrollment questionnaire in your incoming exchange student profile, please write "English Language Program." An advisor will place you in the appropriate classes based on your level. 

How to Choose Courses at K-State

Leading up to, and upon acceptance, please review the courses available for the semester(s) during which you wish to attend Kansas State University.

You will be required to enroll in at least 12 credit hours, and the exchange will cover the cost of tuition for up to 15 credit hours.*  Please note that if you choose courses with special participant fees attached to them (such as UFM classes), our office may not cover the cost of those additional fees.

Courses Not Open to Incoming Exchange Students
  • Veterinary Medicine
  • Kinesiology
  • Graphic Design

Number of classes a typical student takes per term:  4-5
Number of hours per week typical student spends in class:  12-15
Number of weeks per term:  15

Graduate-level Courses

All exchange students will be admitted to K-State as undergraduates. However, students can request permission to enroll in Graduate level courses from the Incoming Exchange Student Coordinator.  Students who have been admitted as Undergraduate students are only able to enroll in 9 credit hours at the graduate level. The exchange will cover a combination of 6 graduate (800 level or above) and 6 undergraduate (100-700 level) credit hours.       

*Exception: For students coming from one of our Australian partners, the exchange will only cover tuition for up to 12 credits.